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Marriage Preparation

How much time will you spend planning your wedding? Studies show most couples spend at least 6 months to a year planning their wedding day! The magic comes and goes in a flash with only photos to remind us of the moments we shared with family and friends, right? Marriage is meant to last a lifetime and involves two completely committed healthy adults.

  • What investment efforts are you planning to insure the success of this commitment?
  • Are you prepared for flexible and open communication?
  • Do you know how to resolve expectant conflicts while maturing your relationship?
  • What place will God have in your marriage?

If you are not sure how to answer these vital questions, as most are not, it's time to invest! We can help with our Marriage Preparation Program. Don't just have the wedding of your dreams, have the marriage of your dreams.

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Wedding Officiant

Many people prefer a meaningful venue as opposed to a traditional location. We strive to create a special service at the location you desire. We have prepared ceremonies or can customize one to your liking. We would love to talk to you about how we can make your day extra special.  Click here to contact Pastor Doug 


​Pastor Doug married my wife and I in November 2015.  We could not have been more pleased to have him as our officiator. His expertise was essential to making the event run efficiently and in helping us customize a ceremony that was meaningful. He was professional, caring and patient as he helped us every step of the way through the ceremony.  We are so thankful we chose Pastor Doug to marry us!- Ronnie K.