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Build For Life Ministries, Inc. (Non-Profit) | Locations in Frederick, MD (301-685-3650) and Purcellville, VA (240-462-7706) | Fax: 1.866.595.4880

Areas of certification:

  • Temperament
  • Marriage Preparation 

Services Offered

Our mission and goal is to help clients come to a deeper relationship with God through the loving person of Jesus, our savior and Lord.  And for those clients to develop a deeper understanding and acceptance of their God given inborn nature as they relate to people, the environment, and experiences (this is referred to as our "temperament"). 

Temperament is the first part (this includes understanding attachments) , integration is the second part. Once you understand your temperament then you can move onto the needs associated with it and how that integrates with relationships.

-Marriage & Life Coaching/Marriage Prep/Officiants-

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